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Our Projects

At the OMF, we believe that all music is good music and are passionate about producing exciting, participatory projects that allow people to engage in all kinds of music making! From 'recycled' orchestras and community operas, to children's violin lessons and adult choirs - our aim is to reach out to all corners of community so that everybody, not just those who can afford it, can reap the pleasures and rewards of making music together.

Current Projects

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Free music lessons for children aged 6-16 on free school meals - join us 5-8pm Mon-Fri at Dean Trust Ardwick secondary school!


Award-winning music projects for children aged 6-11 - join us 4:30-5:30pm every Monday at the Nazarene Community Church!

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Our weekly choir for young people aged 12-16 - Join us 4:30-5:30pm every Friday at the Nazarene Community Church!


Empowering diverse women through singing - join us 1-2pm every Monday at the Nazarene Community Church!


Weekly music and movement sessions for children with SEND at St John Vianney and Rodney House schools


70 professional musicians from 27 countries - find out more about their music and their stories.

Previous Projects


3 original tracks by Afrobeat group Agbeko based on submissions to our 2020 lockdown music app, AgbekoCreate.

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3 Video-poems made for Journeys Festival International 2020


A show about home, migration and belonging (2019)

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Check out the song we made for International Women's Day 2021


We escaped lockdown into a world of imagination...


Do you live in Manchester and want to Meet the Band?

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