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Make Afrobeat from home with our interactive mobile music app for kids!

AgbekoCreate is a mobile app which allows children aged 6-12+ to make music with members of the eclectic 11-piece afro-beat group, Agbeko. Over the course of six interactive videos created by members of the band and shared on this page and through Agbeko's Youtube Channel, children can learn how to create their own amazing rhythms and melodies using just their voices and everyday objects from around the house. 

Through the AgbekoCreate app, children can to record their own musical ideas (via video or sound recording on a parent's mobile) and send them to the band in response to each session - unlocking a bonus video from Agbeko each week! 

Agbeko have created 3 music videos with the help of contributions from all the wonderful responses. You can find the videos below:

Makes Me Want to Sing - Released 4th December 2020

Strength to Move On - Released 11th December 2020

Love to Love - Released 18th December 2020

AgbekoCreate is free to download on mobile and tablet from the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android).

AgbekoCreate was made possible by the generous support of Arts Council England.

Makes Me Want to Sing

#AgbekoCreate Video 1

Strength to Move On

#AgbekoCreate Video 2

Love to Love

#AgbekoCreate Video 3

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