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Matt's Legacy

Matt’s Legacy is a celebration of the life of Matthew Nicholls, a gifted young musician and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Manchester.

The Matthew Nicholls Foundation (TMNF) was established in 2017, by his family and friends, in loving memory of Matt, after his life was tragically cut short at the age of 24. The charitable foundation continued Matt’s passion for music to ensure his life was celebrated, and that his legacy would live on through musical opportunities for other young musicians.

The Foundation, which closed in April 2023, provided support and meaningful opportunities to countless young people with financial and social barriers to accessing a quality music education; including a substantial donation to invest in the next generation of musical talent, via OMF’s work in Manchester.

Matt’s Legacy is an open fund, set up by OMF to mark the valued partnership with TMNF and to celebrate Matt’s life and love for music.  All funds donated will be invaluable to OMF, helping us open doors and remove boundaries for young musicians who might not otherwise have the chance to pursue their talent.

How to donate

Donations can be made to Matt’s Legacy any time. To donate to Matt's Legacy, simply make a donation using the donation form below and include a comment with your donation to advise you are donating to Matt’s legacy. If you would like to donate by any other means, please contact a member of the team at:

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