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Olympias Music Foundation

Empowering communities in Manchester through Music

Welcome to the OMF

Welcome to Olympias Music Foundation (OMF).  We are an award-winning music education charity offering free, sustained, high-quality instrumental lessons to young people, and music participation projects for diverse communities in Manchester.

We see a future where all children have access to an excellent music education, and where music opens doors to new worlds and unites communities.


OMF’s work responds to mounting concerns that learning music is becoming a wealthy elite-only activity, that 80% of classical musicians had parents with a degree and that children from low-income families “have virtually no chance of becoming a musician” (Creating a More Inclusive Classical Music - Arts Council England 2021).


Our Projects


Free music lessons for children aged 6-16 on free school meals - join us 5-8pm Mon-Fri at Dean Trust Ardwick secondary school.


Award-winning music projects for children aged 6-11 - join us 4:30-5:30pm every Monday at the Nazarene Community Church.

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Our weekly choir for young people aged 12-16 - Join us 4:30-5:30pm every Friday at the Nazarene Community Church.


Empowering diverse women through singing - join us 1-2pm every Monday at the Nazarene Community Church.


Weekly music and movement sessions for children with SEND at St John Vianney and Rodney House schools.


73 professional musicians from 27 countries - find out more about their music and their stories.

OMF Documentary 2021

Filmed and produced by Semblance Film Company, the OMF documentary follows staff and families over two days in July 2021 at our Learn to Play Open Day and Summer concert as the UK came out a national lockdown, and laid the ground for our hopes and dreams for 2022 and beyond.

"There is no opportunity anywhere else like this.  This has given us a new world where we are all given equal opportunity. It bonds me to OMF more because if you look at the people in the OMF, it is a cross-section of the community... It is not an elite group."

- Mother of four children who learn an instrument through OMF.

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