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SEND Workshops - St John Vianney and Rodney House schools

Participatory music and movement workshops for individuals with SEND

At the OMF, we believe in the life-changing powers of music to inspire, empower and embolden individuals, and are committed to reaching as many people as possible - particularly those those with specific needs and from harder-to-reach groups.

We deliver weekly music workshops for 60 children at St John Vianney secondary school, led by SEND music facilitator and singer Georgie Lockett, and 60 children at Rodney House primary school, led by SEND music facilitator and percussionist Ali Mac.

Sessions are interactive and participatory, with all participants given the opportunity to play instruments and move to music. In addition to group workshops, we also deliver a number of one-to-one sessions in conjunction with the school's Occupational Therapist to enable those with more specific needs to receive the attention they need. In place of formal concerts or performances, we regularly work with videographers to document the amazing work of the children with their facilitators. Take a look at some of our short films below!

Our SEND workshops are generously supported by The Three Monkies Trust, The Lee and Bakirgian Family Trust, Jessie's Fund and Music For All.

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"The children do really enjoy it, as soon as Ali starts playing that big drum they start spinning and dancing! When the kids came in today, Ariana said, “Oh, it’s music Wednesday!” … she associates Wednesday with this session which is really lovelyToday I could see that some children were engaging without as much adult prompting and modelling which was really encouraging. 

While teaching dance, I’ve noticed a lot of the skills transfer, such as stopping and starting, moving faster and slower. I would say the sessions correlate quite nicely with dance and a lot of our phonic sessions as well. It works quite well to strengthen those skills across the curriculum. Ali has such a nice nature which is really calming for our children as well.”
- Emily, Rodney House Teacher and SEND Specialist

Where the Wild Things Are @ St John Vianney (2022)

Filmed and produced by Tom Doona Media

Feel the Beat @ St John Vianney (2021)

Filmed and produced by Semblance Film Production Company

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