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The World We Live In

Toreh O'Garro

9 years,
I’ve been a long long time. Many years now
without pen and paper.
Can everybody hear me?
There are some lyrics, some words that always make me feel really happy.
The song that I got married to, I like English songs because no one understands.
I’m sorry, because in my language Tigrinya and Amharic are my first language,
the second language is English, I no more understand, no,
but that song gave me the strength to move on, to strive, to fight for
good thing with a song, it reminds of good days.

Who’s my friend? Cameroon.
When I was little, there was no toys. So what I enjoyed doing was playing with sand, mud.
When I play with sand, I just pretend like I’m cooking with something,
just the sand, the water, then an empty can to make a shaker,
but my Dad was studying Agriculture. He loved to plant, and do something with the farm or
Pink Flowers, I think in front of the house.
It was a long time, but I can remember something.

Grab something nearby in your house that makes a noise
and come and sit down.
It doesn't make a sharp sound but
which country do you come from?
If you speak right now, some people hear it like 5 seconds later,
it might hurt people’s ears.
But we’re making a small farm – do you want to see it?
It’s linked to the world we live in
when you open the main door to go outside from the big door

Toreh O'Garro (2020)

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