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SEND Workshops - Rodney House

Participatory music and movement workshops for individuals with SEND

We are passionate about the wholistic impact that music can have on people from all backgrounds and experiences, and believe that the benefits of musical engagement reach far beyond any classroom or concert platform.

Each week, we deliver music workshops for 40 children at Rodney House School, led by SEND music facilitator and percussionist Ali Mac. Children with severe learning difficulties and profound needs are encouraged to explore self-expression and communication in small groups, through a variety of interactive activities that include music-making, listening and responding, and movement. We also offer one-to-one sessions for those with more specific needs, in conjunction with the school’s Occupational Therapist.

Our SEND workshops are generously supported by The Three Monkies Trust, The Lee and Bakirgian Family Trust, Jessie's Fund and Music For All.

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