SEN Workshops

At Olympias Music, we believe in the life-changing powers of music to inspire, empower and embolden individuals, and are committed to reaching as many people as possible - particularly those those with specific needs and from harder-to-reach groups.

We are currently piloting a series of music and movement workshops, led by SEND music facilitators, percussionist, Ali Mac and guitarist, Ben Sayah, and movement artist, Shelley Smith, at St John Vianney SEN School. The purpose of these pilot sessions is to develop a series of music and movement workshops for SEN and MLD pupils aged 11-14 at St John Vianney, to take place in May-June 2020.

Sessions are interactive and participatory, with all participants given the opportunity to play instruments and move to music. Feedback so far has been highly positive, with teachers reporting improved communication, turn-taking and engagement as a result of sessions.


“We welcomed the Olympias Music Foundation into school for the pilot session last Thursday (30th January). I attended the first of 2 sessions they led with two different classes from St John Vianney School and it was lovely to see the children so happy, enthusiastic and engaged in the music session. The class I observed consisted of children with varying learning needs but the activities they were involved in were pitched appropriately and delivered with real energy and empathy, supporting their learning in a calm and welcoming environment.


The warmth created by the OMF team in the room was palpable and I look forward to the spring sessions when we welcome OMF back into school. I know the children will continue to benefit considerably from this sensory enrichment experience.”

- Aidan Moloney, Headteacher.

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