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Sam Amusan

Samuel Amusan is an independent researcher in Ethnomusicology with major interest in Music and Spirituality. Having settled in Manchester since 2007, Sam has developed interest in the multicultural nature of the city with particular interest in how this is reflected in the musical voice of the city as represented in the cultural museums and various performance stages in Manchester.

Since the completion of his PhD at the University of Manchester in Ethnomusicology, with a thesis on ‘Music and Spirit Possession in Yorùbá Music’, Sam has sought for ways in which the multicultural nature of music making in Manchester can be amplified within the city cultural spaces including the museums, city entertainment hubs, festivals and other often obscure performance stages.

Sam has, since his settlement in Manchester directed community and church choirs where intercultural music has been performed using multicultural musical instruments. Sam would be interested in meeting and collecting music from multicultural worship and traditional music groups in Manchester, with the aim of knowing the ways in which their music and musical performances have been affected by the city as opposed to what obtains in their original homelands.

Check out some of Sam's research on the Mapping Migrant Voices website!

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