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Ryan Buxton

Guitar teacher

My Dad is a guitarist and when I was a kid I was around guitars quite a lot. I have always been pretty fascinated with how strings work and the way chords and melodies can be made on a guitar. When I was younger I played guitar just for fun really and enjoyed playing songs by my favourite songwriters. Then I got serious about it after leaving school and started really focusing on my ability and my knowledge so I put myself through some grades for music theory and guitar playing. Then when I was about 24 I ran a jam night with some friends and that taught me a huge amount about improvising and playing live. We played a lot of funk and soul and a few jazz songs. While I was doing this I also played in an acoustic duo and we played weddings and corporate events. Together we learnt hundreds of songs and played even more shows. I have also just finished my Masters in composing at Salford University and am really excited to see how that changes my music in the future. I love music, I love guitars and I love sharing that with my students and helping people find the joy of music.

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