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We’re having a baby! Anna from OMF tells us about an exciting opportunity…

Anna Kerr is Development Director at OMF and will soon to be going on maternity leave. She wrote a blog to tell us all about her experience as a mum-to-be at OMF and the brand new Fundraising and Development Manager maternity cover position.


I joined as Development Director at Olympias Music Foundation in January this year following a rather unique interview experience. On the day I was due for my second-stage interview with OMF, I found out I was pregnant.

My mind was racing and I was in a panic about the interview - what will they think? Surely, they won’t want to take on someone who will soon go on maternity leave… My instinct was to be upfront, and I informed OMF I was in very early pregnancy prior to my presentation. Their reaction was just amazing, I was reassured throughout the process and advised we could openly discuss what the maternity plan could look like during the interview.

I was offered the job the next day (whoop!!). Tiny baby and I were welcomed to OMF with open arms. This was so important to me as a person – to feel seen as an individual with a personal life, to be valued, and to know I would be supported through this new and exciting chapter in my life. Needless to say, I knew OMF was the right team for me: forward-thinking, inclusive and doing INCREDIBLE work to champion diversity in music and remove barriers for children in Manchester to access high-quality music education.

During the past five months, I’ve learned a lot about OMF, created a three-year strategy for 2023-26, developed funding priorities, developed our case for support with funders, and began implementation of new software and processes to prepare OMF for the next exciting phase of growth! It’s been a whirlwind, but I soon will be embarking a different kind of adventure as maternity leave fast approaches... Plans are now in place and recruitment is open!

We're seeking a Fundraising and Development Manager (maternity cover) to join us and nurture income streams and relationships and bring their own versatile skills to aid the charity’s development.

I think this is a great opportunity for a generalist fundraiser/someone with wider development experience, either looking to take on freelance work for a contracted period – or a fundraiser looking to take a step up to manage the overall development of a small but hugely ambitious charity. I can guarantee you’ll gain valuable insight into important social justice issues, have input into strategic decision-making, and gain a 360 view of full charity operations.

If you are someone who loves a diverse role, has a creative mind, and wants to make their own mark in the sector – then go for this role! The team are a DREAM – friendly, caring and downright tenacious in their belief that all children should have equal access to a high-quality music education.

What’s more, you will enjoy remote, flexible working and OMF is based on the third floor of Manchester Museum. So, when you do visit the office, you can enjoy working and meeting in a unique cultural surrounding. Where else can you visit frogs in the vivarium, or say hello to ancient mummies on your break?!

My baby is due in mid-July, and I look forward to seeing OMF’s updates during my maternity leave. If you are interested in chatting with me about the role, ambitions for OMF, or have any questions about working for OMF – you can contact before the end of June at: (deadline for applications is 28 May 2023).

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