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Outreach concert at Beenstock Care Home - The Sun Project

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Olympias Music volunteer, Mariya, fills us in on her recent trip to Beenstock Care Home as part of the Sun Project.

On Sunday 12th May, OMF volunteers from the RNCM organised and performed a lunchtime concert for the residents at the Beenstock Care Home in Salford. The concert was titled the 'Sun Project', in hope of bringing sunshine, happiness and many smiles to the audience!

Chanel King, Rebecca Lambert, Man Qui Hui, Valerie Rosa and myself were the performers, and we wanted to showcase diversity in music by representing vocal music from the volunteers’ own ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Classical music arrangements of folklore songs from England, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil and Spain filled the activity room at the care home and created a thrilling, vibrant and truly enjoyable environment. On several occasions we were delighted when a number of the residents started humming the performed songs alongside the soloists! In addition to the vocal music, there was a performance of more traditional classical music style, in the form of Bach Sonata in D minor for solo violin.

Spirits were high, everyone was having a great time and soon enough the programme was over; but since no one wanted this to end performers, residents and staff all dived into another well-known tune, creating an exciting culmination to a fantastic event.

I would like to thank OMF for their unceasing support, Beenstock Care Home residents and staff for hosting this event and establishing a wonderful creative environment, and to all the RNCM volunteers involved in this for their work and terrific performance!!!

Mariya Irel

Olympias Music Volunteer

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