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Making Manchester - audience feedback

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It's just over a month since we staged the first performances of Making Manchester at the Niamos Radical Arts Centre. Find out what our audiences had to say about the performance, before our remounted show at the Royal Northern College of Music on 30th October!

Mithun Gill, Sameena Hussain and Gary Farr.

“This show is emotional”

“I thought the entire performance was beautiful and moving. What a talented group of young people! In these turbulent political times it was so refreshing and uplifting to celebrate our wonderful multicultural and diverse city! Congratulations all.”

“We were taken on a journey made almost tangible. Very moving. Connecting me as the audience to these real stories, ended on a high with the energy of the youth. The students were great. Great energy. Thank you.”

“Absolutely fantastic!”

“Emotive, light-hearted and celebratory!”

“Such a positive, inspiring and beautiful performance - loved it! More please!”

“Such an amazing piece! I feel privileged to have heard so many powerful stories – the atmosphere, energy and setting was beautiful.”

“I loved the whole thing! The dance and movement was so impressive and the finale of song and dance one of the best antiracist statements ever. Thank you!”

“Moving and powerful display. The government and local councils should embrace things like this into curriculum in school to shape a well-rounded and informed population for the future”.

“A wonderful and very important piece of work that honoured and celebrated the stories that it told, congratulations to all involved”

“An uplifting, powerful narrative of people’s real-life stories of their journey to Manchester, and what makes this city so special”

“Absolutely incredible! I read the other day that one of the most representative methods of discovering the level of a child’s wellbeing is asking them how much they know about their family history; now, 60 children will their own family story. Invaluable…”

“The finale was AMAZING! Congratulations to Dean Trust Ardwick”

“Loved it! Combination of music/movement/oral recordings was so evocative and thought providing. More please!”

“This was an amazing experience”

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