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Friends unite and tastebudes ignite at Voices of Hope summer party

It’s the last week of term and what better way to celebrate a year of extraordinary achievements, than with food and music! This past Monday 3 July, the women of our Voices of Hope choir came together, along with Musical Director Rioghnach Connolly and accompanist Juanjo Blazquez, for a potluck-style party, featuring a magnificent selection of dishes from around the world. The food was absolutely incredible, and it was a true joy to come together with music, food and dance, in celebration of such diverse cultural heritage and culinary traditions!

But the party wasn't just about food - it was also a celebration of a wonderful year of music-making. From performing at the long-awaited reopening gala for Manchester Museum, to their most recent guest spot at the Manchester Dragon Boat Festival, we’re very proud to be represented by such amazing women and to see the wonderful progress the choir has made.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this such a memorable event!

The Voices of Hope choir, which was established to empower and inspire diverse women - particularly refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants - has been a cornerstone of our community outreach efforts since its inception. We remain committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for our community to come together and share their love of music. You can read more about the choir here.

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