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Extract from Making Manchester, Part 1 - Home (by Shamshad Khan)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

One of the images from Shamshad Khan's 'mood-board', which she used to shape and develop the poem commissioned by Olympias Music as part of Making Manchester.


Where the sun loops itself around your neck

Drapes around your shoulder And you walk In your dusty sandals Like a moon king or a sun queen

Down the narrow street Insects clicking in distant fields

Home where your name is pronounced

With the spirit of a prayer Khalil

Friendship Calling you in at dusk

Syllables of endearment

Rani Shahzadi princess

Petal Phool kumara

Home is sleeping on floors

On roofs

On star bright nights

Open air story telling

Stories of the itinerant soul

Coming to visit

Welcome oh guest

Soo maal,

Let us offer you a drink of milk Wood fired chicken Cardamom spiced vegetables and sorghum

A smoking plate of Frankincense and myrrh

Let us scatter crystals of uranium and quartz

At your feet

Tell you tales of Camels

Leopards and a five pointed star

Come Let us talk to the trees

How are you? Poplars and date palms Let’s confer with the creatures

Iska warran? Golden jackals and gazelles

But wait the gazelles are standing

Stock still with fright

And look the jackal is running

Running for it’s life

(Extract from 'Making Manchester', Part 1 - Home. Poetry by Shamshad Khan and commissioned by Olympias Music in June 2019).

Two performances of Making Manchester will take place on 27/28th June at Niamos Radical Arts Centre. Tickets for are £5 and available from Skiddle, Tickets For Good or on the door.

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