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End of Term Round Up

📢 We are excited to bring you highlights from the last few months 🎉

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our talented young musicians and showcase the transformative power of music in their lives. 🎶✨ From inspiring violinists to captivating choir performances, let's dive into the wonderful world of OMF.

We are thrilled to share the incredible progress of our young violinist, Cody. 🎻 At just 9 years old and despite facing the challenges of autism and ADHD, Cody's dedication and talent have propelled him forward. In a remarkable feat, Cody is now preparing to sit his Grade 1 examination after only 18 months of lessons. Let's give a resounding round of applause for Cody's exceptional achievement! 👏 His journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of music. Here he is with his sister, Brenda!

Our Children's Voices choir embarked on an awe-inspiring journey at the Manchester Museum alongside artist-in-residence Lucy Burscough. Through Lucy's project #DabHands, the choir delved into the stories of NHS nurses, amputees, and cancer patients, channelling their experiences into soul-stirring performances. This collaboration not only uplifted the spirits of our young singers but also provided a platform to amplify the voices of those whose stories deserve to be heard. 🎶 Be sure to mark your calendars for the 24th of June at 2:30 pm, as the choir will grace the top floor of Manchester Museum with their extraordinary performance. 🎤

Please join us in extending a warm Olympias welcome to Fiona, the newest member of our teaching team. Fiona's expertise in trumpet and trombone has brought a fresh wave of inspiration to our young musicians. Her dedication and passion for music are contagious, igniting a fire within our students as they embark on their musical journeys. 🎺🎶

In July, we have a thrilling lineup as four of our talented students prepare to sit their Grade 1 exams, while another student takes on the challenge of Grade 2. These young musicians have displayed immense dedication and have made remarkable progress on their musical paths. They are eagerly anticipating this significant milestone, and we couldn't be prouder of their achievements. Let's wish them the very best as they step onto the stage of their next musical chapter. 🎵🎶

As we reflect on these accomplishments and celebrate the resilience and talent of our young musicians, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community. Your unwavering support and belief in the power of music education enable us to nurture the musical dreams of the next generation. 🙏🎶

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for joining us in championing the transformative power of music. 🎼✨

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