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55 places for new OMF pupils!

Hello! Sam the programmes manager here. We’ve been very busy over here at OMF HQ getting ready for the end of the school year with many, many concerts (we’ll tell you everything in our newsletter later this month). Prescient in the mind though, and the reason for this blog post is that we are recruiting students for September! And not only that: we’re teaching some new instruments as well! We will also be having cello, woodwind (clarinet/flute/saxophone), and brass (trumpet/trombone) teachers in for students to come and try, but for now let’s meet our new teachers…


Atefeh Einali - Iranian Santoor

The inimitable Atefeh will be joining us to teach Iranian Santoor. Having seen her in full flight at the Voices of Hope summer lunch, I was absolutely bowled over by her mastery of the instrument, as well as her kindness and compassion. Anyone would be privileged to learn from her!


Sens Sagna - West African Drumming

Sens is a titan of the Manchester music scene. Originally hailing from Senegal, he is joining us to teach not only drumming, but also musicianship, dancing, singing, and generally being awesome. I’m absolutely gutted I don’t qualify for lessons and will be taking every opportunity I can to learn from him!


Rakesh Joshi - North Indian Harmonium

Last but by absolutely no means least, Rakesh will be teaching North Indian traditional musicianship, mainly through the harmonium and voice. Rakesh has so much knowledge and experience to share, this is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to learn!


All these teachers will be at our open day on the 20th July at Longsight Library.

We will be running two sessions, one from 10am - 12pm and one from 1pm - 3pm. Choose one and come and have a go!

We will have teachers showcasing the following instruments:

SESSION 1 10-12:


Woodwind - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

Iranian Santoor

West African Drums

North Indian Harmonium

SESSION 2 1-3pm:

Brass - Trumpet/Trombone

Woodwind - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

Iranian Santoor

West African Drums

North Indian Harmonium

We can’t wait to meet lots of lovely new people!

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