The OMF Digital Concert Hall

A space to share our performances through the lockdown

Throughout the past year, we have been finding innovative ways to keep making music together - be that through socially-distanced events, zoom performances or montage videos. In some cases, where it wasn't possible to perform, we used music as a stimulus for other activities, such as collaborative songwriting, puppet-making, theatre, painting and poetry. Here, you'll find a collection of our performances, as well as some of the other things we've made during the lockdown. Enjoy!


Maingot Violinists @ St Mary's

A snippet from a lesson with some of our Maingot Violin Scholars at St Mary's RC School and their violin teacher Megan Thompson, in November 2020.


Women's Voices Choir @ PHM

A video of some of the members of our Women's Voices Choir's rehearsing an Iranian song called Gole Sangam with the Eskandari Quartet before their concert at the People's History Museum - our last live performance before the first national lockdown in March 2020.


"I am a Woman" and "Women's Work" - 2 songs by the Women's Voices Choir

Two songs written by the members of the Women's Voices Choir, and illustrated by Andrea Terzuoli as part of a lockdown care package sent out in May 2020.


OMF Outdoors - Anna McLuckie

A unique performance by Women's Voices MD, Anna McLuckie, in response to the first lockdown in June 2020. Filmed socially-distanced in Fog Lane Park by videographer, Andrea Terzuoli.


Musical Paintings by Children's Voices

Painted by members of Children's Voices at a socially-distanced 'choir' session in October 2020, in response to different pieces of music - can you guess which pieces or moods they were trying to convey?


Drawings by Children's Voices

Drawings by Children's Voices for our 2021 Journeys project!


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