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The OMF Digital Concert Hall

A space to share our performances through the lockdown

Throughout the past year, we have been finding innovative ways to keep making music together - be that through socially-distanced events, zoom performances or montage videos. In some cases, where it wasn't possible to perform, we used music as a stimulus for other activities, such as collaborative songwriting, puppet-making, theatre, painting and poetry. Here, you'll find a collection of our performances, as well as some of the other things we've made during the lockdown. Enjoy!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Over the lockdown, 8 year old Children's Voices singer, Jasibe, has been working with Jo to 'perform' Somewhere Over the Rainbow together. Jasibe's mum has kindly given us permission to share this very special performance - we hope you enjoy!

Maingot Violinists @ St Mary's

A snippet from a lesson with some of our Maingot Violin Scholars at St Mary's RC School and their violin teacher Megan Thompson, in November 2020.

Olympias Voices of Hope @ PHM

A video of some of the members of our Olympias Voices of Hope rehearsing an Iranian song called Gole Sangam with the Eskandari Quartet before their concert at the People's History Museum - our last live performance before the first national lockdown in March 2020.

"I am a Woman" and "Women's Work" - 2 songs by the Olympias Voices of Hope

Two songs written by the members of the Olympias Voices of Hope, and illustrated by Andrea Terzuoli as part of a lockdown care package sent out in May 2020.

OMF Outdoors - Anna McLuckie

A unique performance by Olympias Voices of Hope MD, Anna McLuckie, in response to the first lockdown in June 2020. Filmed socially-distanced in Fog Lane Park by videographer, Andrea Terzuoli.

Musical Paintings by Children's Voices

Painted by members of Children's Voices at a socially-distanced 'choir' session in October 2020, in response to different pieces of music - can you guess which pieces or moods they were trying to convey?

Drawings by Children's Voices

Drawings by Children's Voices for our 2021 Journeys project!

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