Michelle Robinson

Director, Children's Voices

Michelle is the Musical Director of Children’s Voices. Michelle loves singing and loves to enable others to sing well and with enjoyment. She understands the voice, how it works and how to make it sound good. Fundamental to Michelle’s work is how to tell a story and how to communicate emotion when making music, be it with professional musicians or those who sing for fun. 

As well as the Olympias Music Foundation, Michelle works extensively with the Hallé in Manchester, her roles include Assistant Director of the Hallé Children’s Choir and Assistant Director of the Hallé Choral Academy. She has designed and run many projects that have enabled thousands of people to take part in high quality, inspiring music making. She directs an award-winning female choir and runs workshops in schools and for community choirs across the country.

Outside of music, Michelle enjoys being outdoors, swimming and paddle boarding, and weightlifting! She also is kept busy by her three children.