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Marion Smith

My name is Marion Smith, and I’m a musician, music facilitator and postgraduate ethnomusicology researcher based in Manchester. Much of my interest in these areas of work relates to music and accessibility, having worked both in music education and performance settings with refugees and asylum seekers, incarcerated individuals and children with special educational needs. My current research areas include a focus on the function of music in Manchester’s drag scene, the representation of gender in Bollywood song, and methods of transcription of South Asian musics. In my performing life, I play music in a variety of styles- Although I initially began as a classically trained viola player, I also play fiddle, guitar and sing in Irish Trad and folk sessions, and have more recently started playing in Indian-Western Classical fusion ensembles. I’m fascinated by the practice of performing different musics, and I’m always excited to be learning more about other people’s musical lives.

Check out some of Marion's research on the Mapping Migrant Voices website!

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